Foreign Policy is more than a magazine. We collaborate with academic institutions globally — in and out of the classroom — to foster future leaders in foreign policy and promote greater engagement with international affairs.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Academic Group Subscriptions— Group subscriptions enable academic institutions to deliver FP’s world-class reporting and analysis to students and faculty across campus at a cost-efficient rate. In the classroom, FP articles can serve as a complement to course reading, helping link lesson plans to real-world context.
  • FP Education Guides — International affairs programs rely on the FP Education Guides to reach a diverse and qualified audience of professionals aspiring to further their careers in the field. Guides are published quarterly, both digitally on and in FP’s print magazine.
  • Digital Marketing and Custom Content - Serve your message to FP’s esteemed reader base through a variety of digital marketing channels, including native articles, podcasts, online advertising, email marketing, and social media promotions.
  • Live Engagements — Including Live Events and FP Conference Calls custom-tailored to your recruiting goals.
  • PeaceGames— Through PeaceGames, a groundbreaking annual event series by FP, the Emirates Diplomatic Academy trains the diplomats of the future by having them simulate peaceful resolutions to violent conflicts.
    • PeaceGame: Venezuela, co-sponsored by Florida International University, convened global stakeholders to “game out” diplomatic solutions to destabilizing factors in Venezuela. The final outcomes and recommendations were published in a synthesis report, positioning FIU and partners at the forefront of real-world policy strategy.

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“I use Foreign Policy frequently to stay informed for class. I think students benefit from access to this journal and its resources, and I incorporate its readings into my classes.”

—Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs