Led by the expert producers and editors behind Foreign Policy’s hit podcasts, FP Studios offers full-lifecycle podcast production to clients wishing to launch their own program, including:

  • Consulting, designed to help clients create new or revamp existing podcasts.
  • Technical assistance through all stages of the production process.
  • Promotion across FP’s extensive advertising and social media networks.
  • Use of FP’s state-of-the-art recording studio.

Why Work with FP Studios?

  • Experience. FP Studios is run by Rob Sachs, a public radio veteran with more than two decades of audio production experience. Sachs’s expertise includes sound design and narrative storytelling, recording and editing live events, and managing complex productions with multiple subcontractors. Additional staffers with FP Studios also bring years of experience with recording, editing, and producing audio.
  • Customization. FP Studios works with clients to develop a sound and look that suits your brand and business objectives. We can customize artwork, audio trailers, and promos, and even commission an original theme song for your podcast.
  • Brand Recognition and Reputation. Collaboration with FP Studios allows clients to tap into Foreign Policy’s 50 years of journalistic and analytical expertise. Our convening power provides access to high-profile journalists and prominent guests. You also get the benefit of FP’s editorial oversight, ensuring your production meets the highest journalistic standards.
    • Marketing and Promotion. Affiliation with Foreign Policy grants prominent placement in print and digital media. Your podcast will get an instant boost with promotion via FP’s Twitter (over 1.1 million followers) and Facebook (1.5 million followers) accounts, as well as FP’s esteemed subscriber base.
    • High-Value Listeners. FP reaches an international audience of millions and serves as a trusted source of reporting and commentary for world leaders and influentials across government, business, and education. We are relied upon to deliver intelligent, impartial, and insightful coverage of critical global issues.

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