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Special Reports

Original research that delves deep into the critical issues underlying U.S. and global foreign-policy. Recent special reports include:

The COVID-19 Global Response Index

The COVID-19 Global Response Index, a first-of-its-kind assessment of governments’ responses to the coronavirus crisis in key policy areas.

In addition to providing a comparative scoring of 36 countries, the full-scale analysis provides valuable insights for businesses by identifying:

  • Countries’ investments in emergency health care spending (such as PPE), as well as government directives and investments as they relate to health care.
  • Gaps in access and opportunities for investment that could strengthen countries’ ongoing responses and enable greater preparedness going forward.

Climate and Security

Climate and Security, an examination of the severe climate security threats facing the Middle East and North Africa region, followed by distinct calls to action for international organizations, national governments, the private sector, and crisis response NGOs.

Her Power Index

The Her Power Index, which links data analysis with insight from former and current foreign-policy staffers to illuminate the under-representation of women across U.S. foreign policy agencies over the last decade.

Mining The Future

Mining the Future, the first systematic and comprehensive assessment of China’s accumulation of control and influence over a range of critical metals and minerals, and the supply chains upon which the future of the hightech industry depends.

FP Insider Special Reports