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Africa Forward

Africa’s Digital Transformation


A look at how innovations in information and communications technology are transforming Africa.

Africa is not only building new roads and airports but also getting wired up for a vast expansion of digital services. Innovations in information and communications technology (ICT) are helping to fill in the gaps when it comes to things like banking and education and are the engine behind creative new businesses throughout Africa. This episode features stories from the tech campus Seme City in Benin, coders like Betelhem Dessie, and start-ups like Poa Internet.

In the second half of the show, co-host Carol Pineau leads a roundtable discussion with Paula Ingabire, Rwanda’s minister of ICT and innovation; Brian Herlihy, the founder of SEACOM; and Omosalewa Adeyemi, the global head of expansion and partnerships at Flutterwave.

About Africa Forward:  Africa Forward, the latest podcast from FP Studios and Africa50, tackles the infrastructure challenges and opportunities facing countries in Africa. With reporting from across the continent, the show examines why the big facilities that transform societies—including roads, energy supplies, and communications—are under-resourced and what Africans and others are doing about it. Africa Forward is hosted by journalists Isha Sesay and Carol Pineau, who both bring years of experience covering and reporting on Africa.  See All Episodes

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