Don’t Touch Your Face

Don’t Touch Your Face: Would You Volunteer to be Infected With the Coronavirus?


On this week’s podcast: Human challenge trials could speed up vaccine development, but at what cost?

Human challenge trials in which volunteers are infected with the coronavirus could speed up the development of a vaccine. Such trials have been used in the development of malaria, typhoid, and flu vaccines, but unlike for those diseases, there is no effective treatment for COVID-19. 

Last Wednesday, the World Health Organization issued guidance stating that well-designed challenge trials could speed up vaccine development, provided certain criteria were met. But what are the risks that challenge trial volunteers could face? And how is that individual risk weighed against the greater good of developing a vaccine?

On this week’s episode, Don’t Touch Your Face hosts Amy Mackinnon and James Palmer are joined by Nir Eyal, the director of Rutgers University’s Center for Population-Level Bioethics, and Josh Morrison, a co-founder of 1 Day Sooner, a challenge trial advocacy group that has gathered the names of over 15,000 people who want to volunteer to take part in challenge trials. 

Further reading.

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