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Foreign Policy’s latest podcast recommends shows from around the world.


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The Coronavirus and the Crisis of Trust

Foreign Policy recommends: Rachman Review from the Financial Times.


We’re rolling out a new podcast called Foreign Policy Playlist. We hope you’ll give it a listen. Each week, Foreign Policy’s editor at large Jonathan Tepperman will recommend one podcast from around the world and play an excerpt. 

The curated show is designed to help listeners interested in the things we are—great stories, compelling interviews, and cogent analysis on international affairs—sort through the overwhelming variety of podcasts out there and find the best ones. And occasionally you’ll hear audio from our own newsroom. 

FP Playlist replaces our flagship podcast First Person. You can download a new episode each Wednesday on Apple, Spotify, and all the other usual places.



Jonathan Tepperman is an editor at large at Foreign Policy. 

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Why Are Our Skies Getting Darker?

Foreign Policy recommends: The Council on Foreign Relations’ Why It Matters.

Vox Worldly article

France, Islam and Free Speech

Foreign Policy recommends: Vox's Worldly

Seeking Peace article

Malala’s Father on the Importance of Girls’ Education

Foreign Policy recommends: Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security's Seeking Peace podcast.


What You Learn From Talking to Your Enemies

Foreign Policy recommends: Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History.


The Future of War

Foreign Policy recommends: Stories from the Backchannel


Is China Winning?

Foreign Policy recommends: "Things That Go Boom."


Two Years in the Life of a Saudi Girl

Foreign Policy Playlist recommends: Radio Diaries.

FP Playlist The Take

A First-Person Account of the War in Nagorno-Karabakh

Foreign Policy recommends: Al Jazeera's The Take.


What People Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Israel

Foreign Policy recommends: Israel Story.

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Introducing Foreign Policy Playlist

Foreign Policy’s latest podcast recommends shows from around the world.


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