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North Korea and the Billion-Dollar Hack

Foreign Policy Playlist recommends: The Lazarus Heist


Each week, Foreign Policy’s national security and intelligence reporter Amy Mackinnon will recommend one podcast from around the world and play an excerpt. 

The curated show is designed to help listeners interested in the things we are—great stories, compelling interviews, and cogent analysis on international affairs—sort through the overwhelming variety of podcasts out there and find the best ones. And occasionally you’ll hear audio from our own newsroom. 

FP Playlist replaces our flagship podcast First Person. You can download a new episode each Wednesday on Apple, Spotify, and all the other usual places.

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Amy Mackinnon is a national security and intelligence reporter at Foreign Policy.

More Episodes


Climate Leaders and the Power of Mentorship

Listen in on conversations between climate leaders and the mentors who inspire their work.


Rolling With the Putins

WorldAffairs co-host Ray Suarez discusses how people come to understand world news and what issues will define this generation.


Hallucinations in the Amazon

Each week, “The Trip” follows someone as they drink “with exceptional people around the world.” This episode features an adventure of hallucinatory discoveries in the Amazon with the show’s host, Nathan Thornburgh.


The Man Who Corrupted the Navy

This debut episode kicks off the shocking story of con artist Leonard Francis—the man at the center of U.S. Navy corruption.


A Judoka Breaks Barriers

Each week, host Ibtihaj Muhammad tells harrowing stories of courage and conviction, both on and off the court. 


Misinformation in the Public Square

This episode explores how some nations are interfering in the domestic affairs of other countries by spreading misinformation—and how we as citizens can combat its spread.


Torture and the CIA: 20 Years Later

With the 20-year anniversary of 9/11, this featured episode discusses the CIA’s torture programs in the wake of 9/11.


Risk and Its Calculus

FP Pentagon reporter Jack Detsch sits down with Ret. General Stanley McChrystal, who commanded troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and talks about his new book on calculating risk both on and off the battlefield. 


Climate Resiliency

CNN climate analyst John Sutter dives deep into stories of those in grassroots movements battling the climate crisis.


Tug of War in Afghanistan

Tug of War host and Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward sat down with FP Playlist to discuss her reporting in Afghanistan, the rise of autocracies and more in this special episode of Playlist. 


The Paris Climate Agreement

From the halls of international conflict to gang violence, this new FP series takes listeners into the world of negotiations, both successful and not. 


Close Quarters: Living With Elephants

Host Lizzie Peabody spoke about the beauty of elephants, cohabitation, and the unlikely stories that come from working at one of the largest museum networks on the planet.


A Viral War Crime

In this season, open-source reporters from around the world search for clues as to who’s responsible for a video showing the murders of women and children that flooded the internet.


No Avocados in Iran

This show looks at the story of Tehran-based Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian’s 544-day imprisonment in Iran—and the efforts of those back in the United States to bring him home. 

Ones-and-Tooze-podcast-foreign-policy-logo-3000x3000 (1)

Dancing on the Debt Ceiling?

FP Studios launched Ones and Tooze—a new economics podcast centered on two data points that explain aspects of the global economy.


Wine-Making in Bethlehem

This episode explores the first Palestinian winery near Bethlehem and pays attention to the discussion of indigenous Palestinian grape varieties.


Britain’s Role in the Afghan Debacle

This episode explores the 20-year war in Afghanistan from London’s perspective.


How Universal Payments Can Solve Global Poverty

This episode explores how alleviating poverty might be as simple as giving people money.


Disasters and Politics

On this episode, Chief Content Officer Tony Maciulis sat down with FP Playlist to discuss Ian Bremmer’s talk with Niall Ferguson on how human history is shaped by disaster. 

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Panel on the Situation in Afghanistan

Foreign Policy Editor in Chief Ravi Agrawal sits down with correspondent Lynne O'Donnell and Ashley Jackson discuss the situation on the ground in Kabul and the future of Afghanistan under Taliban rule.


How Israeli Diplomacy Paved the Way for NSO Deals

FP Playlist features the Haaretz Weekly podcast in an episode about the NSO Group and its surveillance software Pegasus.


Through Thick and Thin (Mints)

This week, we hear a podcast that tells stories from women in the U.S. intelligence community, their challenges, and how Girl Scout cookies can sometimes be a tool on the job.


China Sanctions U.S. Religious Freedom Officials

USCIRF Spotlight host Dwight Bashir spoke about the groundbreaking move by the Chinese government to sanction two USCIRF commissioners over deeming the treatment of Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang region as a genocide. 


On Travel Storytelling and Killing your Darlings

On this episode of FP Playlist, we feature an episode from The Atlas Obscura Podcast, a daily show that seeks to capture the stories of unique and wondrous places around the world—in 15 minutes or less.


Extremism and the German Military

Host Amy Mackinnon speaks with Times Berlin bureau chief Katrin Bennhold on the infiltration of far-right extremism in Germany’s security services.


How Quality Child Care Is Changing Lives for Women and Children in Kenya

This week we highlight FP’s newest limited series: Hidden Economics of Remarkable Women, or HER♀ for short.


A Rhythmic Connection: Cuban Influences in Angola

Through music, this episode of Hip Deep examines the influences—both political and musical—to come out of Cuba’s intervention in Angola.


Ready, Set, Melt: The Race for Power in the Arctic

Host Amy Mackinnon introduces Brian Hanson as he interviews two scholars on the intersection of Arctic policy and the superpowers that wish to rule the day in Deep Dish Podcast.

Ufahamu Africa-podcast-foreign-policy-playlist-article

Ethiopia’s Violence in Tigray

Foreign Policy Playlist recommends Ufahamu Africa.


Dispatches From Around the World

Foreign Policy recommends: The BBC’s From Our Own Correspondent.


How John Kerry Is Tackling Climate Change

This week we feature FP’s “Global Reboot.”


What Happened After El Chapo Was Arrested?

Foreign Policy recommends: Vice News’ “Chapo.”


Whale Hunting with Indigenous People on the Arctic Sea

Foreign Policy recommends: National Geographic's Overheard.


Working with LGBT Migrants in South Africa

Foreign Policy Playlist recommends: Power of the Street.


How China Lends

Foreign Policy recommends: The China in Africa Podcast.


China’s Feminist Backlash

Foreign Policy recommends: SCMP's Inside China.


Daily Vlogging the Syrian War

Foreign Policy recommends: Vice News’ Source Material.


What Was Saddam Hussein Thinking?

Foreign Policy recommends: Al Jazeera’s Hindsight.


On Blackness and Noir in France

Foreign Policy recommends: NPR's Rough Translation.


Is the Cure Worse than the Pandemic?

Foreign Policy Playlist recommends Doha Debates' Course Corrections.


Syrian Youth Living in Limbo

Foreign Policy Playlist recommends Syria's Lost Generation.


Music, Politics, and COVID-19 in Africa

Foreign Policy Playlist recommends: Into Africa.


How The 2016 Inauguration Was Hacked

Foreign Policy recommends: To Catch a Hacker.


How This Israeli Election Might Be Different

Foreign Policy recommends: Haaretz’s Election Overdose podcast.


Satire and Comedy in the Arab World

Foreign Policy recommends: The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ “Babel.”


In Washington, Personnel Is Policy

What President Biden’s picks for top foreign-policy jobs reveal about his approach to the world.


10 Years After the Tunisian Uprising

Foreign Policy recommends: Revolution 1.


What Abolishing the Electoral College System Would Mean for Voters

Foreign Policy recommends: American Enterprise Institute's What The Hell Is Going On.

You can hear Francis Fukayama himself on the Rachman Review, the podcast featured this week on Foreign Policy Playlist. Listen here or subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.

The Coronavirus and the Crisis of Trust

Foreign Policy recommends: Rachman Review from the Financial Times.


Why Are Our Skies Getting Darker?

Foreign Policy recommends: The Council on Foreign Relations’ Why It Matters.

Vox Worldly article

France, Islam and Free Speech

Foreign Policy recommends: Vox's Worldly

Seeking Peace article

Malala’s Father on the Importance of Girls’ Education

Foreign Policy recommends: Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security's Seeking Peace podcast.


What You Learn From Talking to Your Enemies

Foreign Policy recommends: Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History.


The Future of War

Foreign Policy recommends: Stories from the Backchannel


Is China Winning?

Foreign Policy recommends: "Things That Go Boom."


Two Years in the Life of a Saudi Girl

Foreign Policy Playlist recommends: Radio Diaries.

FP Playlist The Take

A First-Person Account of the War in Nagorno-Karabakh

Foreign Policy recommends: Al Jazeera's The Take.


What People Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Israel

Foreign Policy recommends: Israel Story.

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Foreign Policy’s latest podcast recommends shows from around the world.


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