an FP Studios podcast, in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds

Heat of the Moment

Stories from the front lines of the fight against climate change

an FP Studios podcast, in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds

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The Solutions Under Our Noses

A look at how many of the innovations that will be needed for a cleaner, greener future are actually available today—and what's needed to get them activated on a larger scale.

The climate change crisis can feel so formidable, so daunting, that instead of mobilizing people to action, it engenders paralysis. What could we mortals possibly do to prevent the calamity? A fair bit, it turns out. On Heat of the Moment, a 12-part podcast by FP Studios, in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds, we focus on ordinary people across the globe who have found ways to fight back. 

Hosted by CNN contributor John D. Sutter, each episode begins with an interview about a particular aspect of climate change that threatens our planet. The segment is followed by a sound-rich report highlighting one green project somewhere around the world—from Ghana to Brazil to Morocco. Listeners will hear from people who use innovation, technology, and investment to roll back the devastation. Heat of the Moment tells the stories of the people on the front lines of the fight against climate change.


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John Sutter

John D. Sutter is a climate change analyst for CNN. Sutter is an award-winning reporter and was previously in CNN's investigative unit, where he focused primarily on climate change, social justice issues and crowdsourced reporting projects.

More Episodes


Extreme Weather Resilience

How climate change is increasing the intensity of storms, and what the world can do to be more resilient.


Why Bold Investments Matter

A look into how green investments and economic policy changes can be a driver for a healthier planet.

The World Bank and CIF Administrative Unit Team visited Niger in 2015 to conduct a review of the Community Action Project for Climate Resilience.

Adapting to a Drier Planet

An exploration of the wider ramifications of water scarcity and what’s being done to help those affected.


Talking Green Without Seeing Red

How governments, journalists, and activists are all trying to change the narrative when they talk about climate change. The goal? Make the conversation more inclusive, less hostile, and frankly less boring.


A New Plan for the Amazon

Saving the Amazon rainforest is not just about raising alarms but also about finding ways to make harvesting its trees more profitable than tearing them down.


Food 2.0

How food production contributes to climate change and what individuals and the agricultural industry can do to make food production, distribution, and disposal more eco-friendly.

The Noor solar plant in 2018.

The Future of Green Energy

A look at why it’s critical for the world to move toward more renewable energy sources and how innovations like concentrated solar power are helping us get there.

A view of the Oslo Opera House in 2016.

How to Make Cities Greener

How rethinking urban design can have a major impact on carbon emissions and the quality of city life.

Mafalda Duarte (left), head of the Climate Investment Funds, plants cocoa seeds with students in Ghana in 2018.

When Climate Hits Home

Climate change is forcing people from their homes, especially in island nations. How can the world change its policy toward climate migrants, and what can be done to assist those who want to stay not only survive but thrive?

From left: Climate activists Marinel Ubaldo, Greta Thunberg, and Varshini Prakash.

What Would Greta Do?

Young climate activists in the United States and the Philippines are pushing for change and getting their governments to take notice.


How Far We’ve Come

Heat of the Moment looks at the origins of the global climate crisis and finds areas of optimism.


Trailer: Heat of the Moment

Coming April 15 - Stories from the front lines of the fight against climate change

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