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Heat of the Moment an FP Studios podcast, in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds

How a Regenerative Ocean Farmer Is Rethinking the Way We Eat


How a regenerative ocean farmer is rethinking the way we eat and produce our food.

On today’s episode of Heat of the Moment, we take a look at one of the most innovative ways we can cut greenhouse gases from our global food production: kelp. Our guest, Bren Smith, a regenerative ocean farmer in Connecticut, is leading the way on rethinking how we might farm our oceans by developing polyculture practices for farming shellfish, seaweeds, and kelps.

This is a big week for the climate. Leaders from all over the world are meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, at the United Nations climate conference known as COP26. It’s an important time to stay up to date on the latest news coming out of summit. And one of the best ways to do that is with a Foreign Policy subscription. Head over to to sign up, and use the code “HOTM” (for Heat of the Moment) to get a 10 percent discount.

About Heat of the Moment:  The climate change crisis can feel so formidable, so daunting, that instead of mobilizing people to action, it engenders paralysis. What could we mortals possibly do to prevent the calamity? A fair bit, it turns out. On Heat of the Moment, a 10-part podcast by FP Studios, in partnership with the Climate Investment Funds, we focus on ordinary people across the globe who have found ways to fight back.  Hosted by CNN contributor John D. Sutter, Heat of the Moment tells the stories of the people on the front lines of the fight against climate change.  See All Episodes

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