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How a Finnish Diplomat Negotiated Release of Mothers, Children From Syria


Finnish ambassador Jussi Tanner spent nearly two years bargaining with the Kurdish-led autonomous government.

This week on The Negotiators, we hear about a negotiation that should have been easy but turned out to be long and complicated. 

Jussi Tanner is an ambassador and special envoy with the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. In late 2019, he negotiated with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, a Kurdish-led area that’s part of Syria but has its own governing body and military units. 

Those units helped defeat the Islamic State caliphate in 2019. They now run detention camps in the region, where many former Islamic State fighters and their families are held, including some foreigners.

Tanner’s mission was to get the Kurdish-led government to hand over Finnish mothers and children in the camps for repatriation. He thought it would just take a few weeks, but the negotiation lasted for nearly two years.

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