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Ones and Tooze

Inflation, the Bond Markets, and the Federal Reserve Walk Into a Bar


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Ones and Tooze co-hosts Adam Tooze and Cameron Abadi explain Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s latest announcement.

Soaring inflation is triggering moves and countermoves by the bond market and U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. One our podcast this week, Adam Tooze and Cameron Abadi explain what it all means.

Also: A new alliance of banks and investment funds is committing $130 trillion to carbon neutral projects in the next 30 years. Is it green altruism or green washing?

About Ones and Tooze:  Foreign Policy economics columnist Adam Tooze, a history professor and a popular author, is encyclopedic about basically everything: from the COVID shutdown, to climate change, to pasta sauce. On our new podcast, Tooze and FP deputy editor Cameron Abadi will look at two data points each week that explain the world: one drawn from the week’s headlines and the other from just about anywhere else Tooze takes us. Check out Adam Tooze’s column here.  See All Episodes


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