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Metz’s critique: The problem is readiness means different things to the Army’s leaders and to company commanders

The thoughtful article by Captain J. Scott Metz in Armor magazine, shared by Tom Ricks here at Foreign Policy, has generated quite a bit of discussion in the senior ranks.

Best Defense

A few names to consider:

Now who wants to tell me about their problems with diversity and immigration in today’s United States?

Best Defense

Appeasement: A primer

Here’s the key thing to remember: Appeasement is a position of negotiating with a strong state from a position of weakness.

Best Defense

Invasion of the Jareds

I rarely frequent posh places, but lately when I do, I am noticing young men who in attire, physique, and expression remind me of Jared Kushner, the youthful fellow who currently is the second most powerful person in the United States.


A Shining Comey on a Hill

Can the former FBI director lead us back to our better selves?


‘Total and Complete Vindication’? No Way.

There are reams of evidence pointing toward Trump's collusion and obstruction — and we don’t even know what James Comey said in closed session.


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