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Reprint Permissions & Syndication

FOREIGN POLICY is pleased to make its award-winning content available for reprints, syndication, and other reuse requests. Whether published in a newspaper, posted on a Web site, reprinted in a textbook, or photocopied for a classroom course packet, FP articles are the perfect supplement to broaden your media’s coverage of global affairs and allow your readers to more deeply explore how the process of globalization is overhauling countries, cultures, and individuals’ lives.

Reprint & Reuse Permissions

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) is FP’s exclusive agent for granting reprint and reuse permissions. Examples include: photocopying, Web posting, and book reprints. You can submit your permission request online at or by phone toll free at (877)-622-5543. If you need assistance with this process, contact CCC at or FP at


FP’s syndication opportunities are flexible and economical. Your publication can run a single article or secure a frequency discount on a schedule of as few as six articles. FP handles all syndication requests internally, so we can work with you to create the best possible arrangement given the editorial and budgetary requirements of your publication. Plus, we can often grant first-run or exclusivity rights, which will give your publication that extra competitive edge.

Recent FP contributors include:

Louise Arbour, Karen Armstrong, Dean Baker, Peter Bergen, Ilan Berman, Paul Blustein, Jarret Brachman, Bill Bradley, Jamais Cascio, Joseph Cirincione, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Steve Coll, Paul Collier, Robin Cook, William Easterly, Mohamed El-Erian, Charles D. Ferguson, Niall Ferguson, Raymond Fisman, Robert Fogel, Jeffrey Gettleman, Ashraf Ghani, Gershom Gorenberg, Michael Grunwald, Josef Joffe, Christopher Hitchens, Robert D. Kaplan, Mehdi Khalaji, Parag Khanna, Clare Lockhart, Peter Maass, John McCain, Walter Russell Mead, John Mearsheimer, Abbas Milani, Dambisa Moyo, Andrew Mwenda, Minxin Pei, Paul Pillar, Nouriel Roubini, Robert Shiller, Alvin Toffler, Brian Winter, Martin Wolf, Graeme Wood, Robert Wright, and Daniel Yergin

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