Postcards from Zaatari

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Refugees run across the border in October. According to Aoife McDonnell, External Relations at UNHCR Jordan, the flow of refugees into the camp has fluctuated wildly over the course of this past year, from as little as 150 new arrivals in the late summer to as many as 4,000 during the busiest month, March. Since its opening, 300,000 refugees have come through the camp. 


A large group of refugees crosses the Jordanian border in February. They bring with them whatever belongings they can carry. They will make their way up a long hill to a reception center run by the Jordanian military after which they are put on buses and driven to Zaatari refugee camp.



A discarded sign on the border between Syria and Jordan where refugees typically cross.


A Jordanian soldier places a young girl who has just crossed the border near the town of Jaber into a waiting truck where she and her family will be taken to be holding center, in February. Refugees who are considered vulnerable are most often driven in this fashion. 


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