Red Dawn

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More than 800 Russian wildfires have been reported since they first ignited nearly a week ago. The wildfires, a result of the country's worst heat wave in recorded history, have claimed 52 lives thus far and left more than 3,000 people homeless. A man stands in a forest ablaze near the village Golovanovo in the Ryazan region on Aug. 5.  


Russians and tourists wear facemasks to protect themselves from forest-fire smog that hangs over the Red Square in Moscow on Aug. 6. The heavy smoke contains toxins and is causing alarm over public health.  


A man stares at the conflagration near the village of Murmino on Aug. 5. Currently, thousands of firefighters, soldiers, and volunteers are working around the clock to keep the wildfires from spreading. According to some officials, 10,000 firefighters aren't nearly enough to control the blaze.  


A car scorched by the wildfires sits in front of a destroyed house in the village of Mokhovoye, just 130 kilometers outside of Moscow on July 31.


A man sprays water on the still-smoldering shrubbery near Golovanovo, a village in the Ryazan region, on Aug. 5.


A passerby rides his motorcycle through the scorched remains of the village of Kriusha, in the Ryazan region, on Aug. 5.


In the Ryazan region one of the many volunteers attempting to control the blaze, watches as smoke pours across the forest floor on Aug. 5.


A woman wears a face mask to protect herself from forest-fire smoke that hangs over central Moscow on Aug. 6.


Russian men shovel dirt on smoldering embers in the village of Murmino on Aug. 5.


A grove of trees is consumed by a blazing fire near the village of Dolginino on Aug. 4.


Men rush to create a fire-break as flames approach the village of Dolginino on Aug. 4.


A volunteer forest-fire fighter pauses to survey the blaze engulfing nearby trees.


A Russian woman stands beside the ruins of her burnt-out home in Voronezh on Aug. 2.


A man walks a herd of goats past a line of military vehicles  transporting soldiers to fight forest fires in Ryazanovka on Aug. 1.


Russian police trainees clean up forest debris in the woods near Voronezh on Aug. 3.


A Russian man walks past still smoking trees and branches in a forest near the village of Golovanovo, Ryazan region, on Aug. 5.

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