Romas: Europe’s Wanderers

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Two girls sit in front of a caravan during the visit of Versailles bishop Eric Aumonier in a Roma camp on Aug. 28 in Carrieres-sous-Poissy, west of Paris. France has continued to deport Roma even as Brussels called the expulsions a "disgrace" and threatened legal action over the French government's clampdown. France has deported nearly 9,000 Roma to date in 2010.


A Roma woman sits on her luggage at the Aurel Vlaicu airport in Bucharest after arriving from from Marseille, on Sept. 14. The French Parliament is currently debating an immigration bill that would allow the government to expel people guilty of threatening the public order by an "abusive occupation of land."  


A Roma man is surrounded by riot police on Aug. 13 during the forced evacuation of a Roma camp from the "la Girouette" stadium in southern France. 


A Roma child plays in a makeshift camp in Yambol, Bulgaria, on Sept. 17.


A Roma woman sits in a camp in the Port Marianne area of Montpellier, southern France, on Aug. 19.


At a camp in Yambol, Bulgaria, a Roma man puts together a temporary shelter on Sept. 17.

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