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The FP Survey: Africa Rising?

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Information design by Laura Stanton

The data heralding Africa's latest "rise" have been widely documented: GDP growth has been well above that of advanced economies knocked flat by the global financial crisis; foreign direct investment has increased by a factor of six over the past decade; and some 40 percent of Africans now live in cities, up from 28 percent in 1980. Yet the current hype feels oddly familiar, given a similar sense of optimism that swelled more than a decade ago. Today, those sanguine predictions may look naive when 10 of the 15 countries atop the Failed States Index are African, not to mention that the poverty rate in sub-Saharan Africa is still higher than anywhere else in the world. Is Africa really "rising" this time, as so many pundits have pronounced? Here's what more than 60 experts think.





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