The Spy Who Loved Globalization

James Bond was wrestling with forces of integration and fragmentation decades before political scientists invented the ideas.

The Coming Identity War

Dangers lurk beneath the surface in the Euro-American shopping mall.


Between the Lines: Democracy Holds a Party

Last June, representatives from more than 100 nations met in Warsaw, Poland, to draft the guiding principles of a "Community of Democracies." U.S. organizers of the conference described the resulting "Warsaw Declaration" as an unprecedented effort to form a global consensus on the elements of democracy and to cooperate in their promotion and defense. Is it? Or is it a well-meaning but largely empty exercise in legacy-hunting by the outgoing U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright? Herewith the first installment of a new Foreign Policy feature that decodes and deconstructs noteworthy public documents.

The Irrelevant Election

Whether it's Al Gore or George W. Bush, the result will be the same: wishy-washy foreign policy driven by the competing interests of new elites and rising tensions between Washington and its closest allies.