When Countries Go Crazy

U.S. taxpayers will pay for the failure of policymakers to apply the lessons of recent post-communist transitions to the case of Cuba.

The Openness Imperative

The U.S. technological edge is imperiled by new curbs on global scientific cooperation.

A Matter of Precision

Why air power may be more humane than sanctions.

Debate: When Worlds Collide

Did the democratic nation-state triumph over communism only to be slowly strangled by a growing web of unaccountable multilateral institutions and faceless bureaucrats? Two representatives from opposite sides of the Atlantic -- and opposite views of history -- face off.

Trading in Illusions

Advocates of global economic integration hold out utopian visions of the prosperity that developing countries will reap if they open their borders to commerce and capital. This hollow promise diverts poor nations' attention and resources from the key domestic innovations needed to spur economic growth.


The Population Implosion

Be careful what you wish for. After decades of struggling to contain the global population explosion that emerged from the healthcare revolution of the 20th century, the world confronts an unfamiliar crisis: rapidly decreasing birthrates and declining life spans that might set back the progress of human development.

Think Again: The Internet Economy

The markets may have soured on Internet start-ups. High-tech oases in countries like Malaysia and India may not lift their countries out of poverty. But all those dot-coms and Silicon Valley dreams never had much to do with the real economic impact of the Internet. The new economy is alive and well.