Confidence Game

The global financial crises of the 1990s suggest that the Bush administration should look beyond traditional remedies to pull the United States out of its economic doldrums.

Vaccine Diplomacy

The multinational effort to eliminate disease might not only save lives but prevent conflict.

Bordering on War

The clear marking of boundaries between African nations can help prevent costly and debilitating border conflicts.

Why Peace Doesn’t Pay

Israel has no economic incentive to conclude a lasting peace with the Palestinians.

Mr. Order Meets Mr. Chaos

We live in an era of unprecedented prosperity, but when the financial bubble bursts we'll plunge into a world depression. Nations no longer go to war, but civil wars are booming. Humanity has embraced the idea of environmental interdependence, but the global ecosystem is in terminal crisis. Depending on your perspective, we stand either on the verge of a golden age or at the brink of disaster. Robert Wright and Robert Kaplan, two of the United States' most perceptive observers of world affairs and the human condition, met recently in Washington, D.C., to offer conflicting views of the path of history.

Women Waging Peace

You can't end wars simply by declaring peace. "Inclusive security" rests on the principle that fundamental social changes are necessary to prevent renewed hostilities. Women have proven time and again their unique ability to bridge seemingly insurmountable divides. So why aren't they at the negotiating table?