Faux Realism

Spin versus substance in the Bush foreign-policy doctrine.

Globalization Without a Net

Why national governments cannot integrate their countries into the global economy and protect the poor at the same time.


Virtual Nationalism

European integration may be the best way for ethnic groups to pursue their national ambitions.

McOndo Revealed

Excerpt from Edmundo Paz Soldán’s Sueños digitales (Digital Dreams) (La Paz: Alfaguara, 2000), a novel about a graphic artist tempted to digitally alter compromising political photographs.

Magical Neoliberalism

A decade of market reforms in Latin America has transformed more than the region's economies. It also sparked a 21st-century cultural revolution, a sort of shock therapy for the soul. The quaint, folkloric sensibility of magical realism has given way to a gritty, urban freneticism in fiction, music, and film. Welcome to the new world of Latin America's NAFTA -- make that FTAA -- generation.


Does the Public Care?

U.S. public-opinion data reveal mixed views regarding the importance to consumers of labor conditions around the world. Below, a sampling of American attitudes from 1999 and 2000.