The New Diaspora

New links between émigrés and their home countries can become a powerful force for economic development.

Recycling Environmentalism

Two decades of talk and treaties have not stemmed environmental degradation.

The Eagle Has Crash Landed

Pax Americana is over. Challenges from Vietnam and the Balkans to the Middle East and September 11 have revealed the limits of American supremacy. Will the United States learn to fade quietly, or will U.S. conservatives resist and thereby transform a gradual decline into a rapid and dangerous fall?

The World’s Right to Know

During the last decade, 26 countries have enacted new legislation giving their citizens access to government information. Why? Because the concept of freedom of information is evolving from a moral indictment of secrecy to a tool for market regulation, more efficient government, and economic and technological growth.


The Aid Cartel’s Golden Oldies

Many of the "new" themes that the international aid agencies emphasize today have actually been around for several decades.