Cheap Dollar Diplomacy

Worries over U.S.-European estrangement miss the real threat: the falling U.S. dollar.

Addicted to Failure

It's time for Latin America to start breaking with Washington over the war on drugs.

Pests and Pestilence

Why humans are more vulnerable than ever to animal-borne diseases.

Mars Needs Millionaires

Why future space exploration should be left to rich thrill seekers.

The Compulsive Empire

Worried about the aggressive and unilateral exercise of U.S. power around the world today? Fine -- just don't blame U.S. President George W. Bush, September 11, or some shadowy neoconservative cabal. Nations enjoying unrivaled global power have always defined their national interests in increasingly expansive terms. Resisting this historical mission creep is the greatest challenge the United States faces today.

Rogue State Department

Anti-American sentiment is rising unabated around the globe because the U.S. State Department has abdicated values and principles in favor of accommodation and passivity. Only a top-to-bottom reform and culture shock will enable the State Department to effectively spread U.S. values and carry out President George W. Bush's foreign policy.