Bush’s Willing Enablers

Who outside the administration is to blame for the turmoil in Iraq? The list is long.


Cost of Cyberliving

Internet cafes are often heralded as a simple route online. But in many countries, the cost of one hour of Internet access can wipe out a day's wage. This map shows sample hourly rates at Internet cafes and the percentage of people living on $1 per day in 26 nations.

Europe’s Quiet Leap Forward

The United States and China should watch their backs -- a new economic juggernaut may dominate the 21st century.

X + 9/11

Everything I needed to know about fighting terrorism I learned from George F. Kennan.

The Metrosexual Superpower

The stylish European Union struts past the bumbling United States on the catwalk of global diplomacy.

The FP Memo: How to Run the International Monetary Fund

To restore its credibility, the IMF must represent all its members, not just the ones who chose its new director.

Imperial Amnesia

The United States invaded a distant country to share the blessings of democracy. But after being welcomed as liberators, U.S. troops encountered a bloody insurrection. Sound familiar? Don't think Iraq -- think the Philippines and Mexico decades ago. U.S. President George W. Bush and his advisors have embarked on a historic mission to change the world. Too bad they ignored the lessons of history.

America Overdrawn

The U.S. economy is the world's economic engine. But with American citizens saving less and Washington spending more, that engine is now running on fumes. Together, these trends could ignite trade protectionism and threaten global economic integration.