Bad Medicine

The war on corruption is leaving the world worse than we found it.

What They’re Reading: Memoirs of the Middle Kingdom

The Chinese were printing books five centuries before Johannes Gutenberg published his first Bible. To find out how Chinese literary tastes are adapting to the new millennium, FP spoke with Gao Chuanxian, the former vice director at the Bureau of International Trade and Economics of the Xianning Municipal Government in Wuhan.

Let It Ride

When taming volatile currencies, policymakers are trying to rein in forces they can't control -- much less understand.

Straddling the Fence

Israel's controversial security barrier is not the harbinger of a new stalemate, but a catalyst for political change.

The FP Memo: Wanted: Spies Unlike Us

The CIA must cultivate foreign sources, reward service overseas, and tap America's top students to once again get good information on enemies of the United States.

Gang World

Street gangs are proliferating around the world. The United States has unwittingly spurred this phenomenon by deporting tens of thousands of immigrants with criminal records each year. But that only partly explains how gangs went global. Credit also goes to the Internet, where gangs are staking out turf and spreading their culture online. Gang members may have never heard of globalization, but it is making them stronger.

The Deficit Debacle

It has long been fashionable in foreign capitals to criticize the Bush administration for not showing more economic leadership in cutting its budget deficit. But what would happen if the United States got serious about putting its economic house in order? The political bloodletting and instability that would ensue would make the world wish it had kept quiet.