Dangerously Unique

Why our definition of "normalcy" can be costly for everyone else.

Expert Sitings: Glenn Reynolds

Glenn Reynolds publishes InstaPundit.com. The world's most-read blogger, he is the Beauchamp Brogan distinguished professor of law at the University of Tennessee.

The Utopian Nightmare

This year, economists, politicians, and rock stars in rich countries have pleaded for debt relief and aid for the world's poorest countries. It certainly sounds like the right thing to do. But utopian dreams of alleviating poverty overlook some hard facts. By promising so much, rich-world activists prolong the true nightmare of poverty.

Publish or Perish in Spain

Nearly 400 years after Miguel de Cervantes wrote Don Quixote , the Spanish literary sector is thriving. FP spoke to Javier Rioyo, the editor of Estravagario (a weekly book show on Spanish public television), about Spain's current reading list.

Ranking the Rich 2005

The third annual CGD/FP Commitment to Development Index ranks the generosity of 21 rich nations on how they help or hinder the poor. The rich hand out vast sums of foreign aid, but they also put up enormous barriers to trade. They selflessly send soldiers to keep the peace, but then sell arms to Third World thugs. In the end, are the rich doing more harm than good?

In Green Company

If Kyoto is so dangerous, why is corporate America already playing by its rules?

The Protection Racket

Development activists finally realize that free trade is not evil. When do they plan to tell the poor?

The Center of the World

The NBA understands the power of an icon. When Michael Jordan retired from basketball, the league's ratings began to fall. To bounce back, the NBA expanded overseas and lured foreign talent to the game. And there is no one who is as big an ambassador as Yao Ming. The NBA sees its salvation in the 7-foot, 6-inch Chinese sensation -- and in 1.3 billion hoops fans.