It’s the Illicit Economy, Stupid

How Big Business taught criminals to go global.

Expert Sitings: Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark founded craigslist.org in 1995 as a way to tell friends about cool events in San Francisco. Today, there are 190 craigslist sites in 35 countries -- advertising everything from jobs and houses to concert tickets and a first date -- receiving 3 billion page views a month.

What They’re Reading: Taiwan’s Crossover Chic

At the 24-hour Eslite bookstore complex in Taipei, which is Taiwan's largest bookstore and one of Asia's cultural hubs, the city's literati can attend book signings, peruse the art gallery, sip tea at the cafe, or simply flip through 3,000 different magazine titles. FP spoke to I-Hui Lin, who works in marketing and planning for Eslite.

The FP Memo: Attention, Wal-Mart Executives

America's leading company must expand its operations abroad, help smooth relations with China, and convince skeptics that free trade creates jobs.

Romancing the Globe

Latin American soap operas have circled the globe and made a splash in places as far flung as Poland, Russia, and Indonesia. Their secret? Plotlines that keep the poor and underprivileged glued to their sets. Now these surprising Latin exports are part of the global cultural establishment -- and taking on Hollywood heavyweights.

The Blame Game

Who will be blamed for Iraq? It's easy for politicians to point fingers at each other. But ultimately, the buck stops at the Oval Office.

Profile of a Killer

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is the most wanted man in Iraq. How did this high school dropout tie the United States down in its deadliest conflict since the Vietnam War? From the slums of Jordan to the battle of Falluja, this is how it happened.

The Mayor of Ar Rutbah

Amid the chaos in Iraq, one company of U.S. Special Forces achieved what others have not: a functioning democracy. How? By relying on common sense, the trust of Iraqis, and recollections from Political Science 101. Now, their commander reveals the gritty reality about nation-building in Iraq, from the ground up.

Think Again: Energy Independence

High oil prices have everyone talking about energy independence again. But a look at the numbers reveals the vaunted goal is an illusion. And conservation isn't the answer, either. The sooner we realize it, the sooner we can talk about real solutions to the energy crisis.