India Outsmarts China

The economic race between China and India is changing the way the world does business. By 2050, it is estimated that these two Asian heavyweights will account for nearly half the world's gross domestic product, up from just 6 percent today. But whose model is better, China's low-cost factories or India's low-cost financiers? For all the benefits of China's swift rise, India's brain power will finally give it the tools to catch up.

The Most Dangerous Deficit

Why the supply and demand for global public goods could kill you.

Expert Sitings: Andrew Zolli

Andrew Zolli is a futurist and founder of Z + Partners (zpluspartners.com), a firm that helps some of the world's leading companies think about the future. The National Geographic Society recently named him one of six "emerging explorers" likely to make major breakthroughs in their fields.

What They’re Reading: Dushanbe’s Living History

The West has long enjoyed romanticizing notions of Central Asia's so-called Great Game. But few are familiar with how the region's people view their own culture and literary scene. FP sat down with Alii Muhammadi Khorasoni, author, poet, and critic at the Tajik Academy of Sciences, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, to discuss what Central Asians are reading.

The Hunt for Russia’s Riches

Clamping down on oligarchs has been at the top of Vladimir Putin's to-do list. But his authoritarian agenda is holding Russia back. As much as Putin may resent the country's wealthy elite, Russia needs them to survive.

Creating a Merkel Miracle

Germany's new leader must administer bitter economic medicine, get tough with Russia, and mend ties with the United States -- all while holding together a fragile coalition.

Think Again: Airlines

Bankruptcies, terrorism, and high oil prices have rocked the airline industry. Customers complain about bad service and long lines. Are airlines doomed? Not a chance. The global economy cannot function without air travel. But the industry that emerges from the coming shakeout will need a whole new set of wings.

The Everywhere Man

Oil money and an expansive ideology mean that Chávez’s influence knows no bounds.

David’s Friend Goliath

The rest of the world complains that American hegemony is reckless, arrogant, and insensitive. Just don't expect them to do anything about it. The world's guilty secret is that it enjoys the security and stability the United States provides. The world won't admit it, but they will miss the American empire when it's gone.

Gunning For the World

Once just a club for red-blooded American gun owners, the National Rifle Association has become a savvy global lobby. It presses for gun rights at the United Nations. It assists pro-gun campaigns from Sydney to São Paulo. And it has found that its message -- loving freedom means loving guns -- translates into almost every language.

In Hindsight: Advice for the New Federal Reserve Chairman

Ben S. Bernanke will have some big shoes to fill when he succeeds Alan Greenspan as chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve on February 1. Always one to help its former authors, FP combed through its archives to offer Bernanke some tips -- one of which will sound awfully familiar to him.