The Failed States Index

Democracy may be spreading, but is the world more stable? In the second-annual Failed States Index, FP and the Fund for Peace track the countries on the edge of collapse.

Bound for Success

The book's obituary has been written time and again, its imminent demise blamed on television, falling publishing profits, and now, the Internet. But don't write books off just yet. More are being published than ever before, and sales continue to trump those of other media. Despite the dire predictions, the world still loves a good page-turner.

Expert Sitings: Curt Hopkins

Curt Hopkins is founder and executive director of the Committee to Protect Bloggers, a nonprofit organization that works to safeguard bloggers' rights and monitors the persecution of bloggers around the world.

Saying “Global” in Chinese

How Beijing is making it easier for foreigners to learn its language.

Reading the Italian Mind

A columnist for Milan's daily Corriere della Sera and author of the forthcoming La Bella Figura: A Field Guide to the Italian Mind, Beppe Severgnini is a keen observer of the Italian culture and character. In a conversation with FP, he discussed American bestsellers, the failure of Italy's politicians, and why Italians would rather write a book than read one.

Using Your Star Power

The movie industry's brightest stars should pick their foreign-policy roles carefully, stay far away from Davos, and avoid mixing their activism with celebrity gossip.

Our Inequality Anxiety

Economic disparities have not changed. Our tolerance for them has.