Santiago’s Poetry in Motion

From Isabel Allende to Pablo Neruda, Chile has long been a literary leader in Latin America. FP recently asked Verónica Cortínez, professor of Latin American literature, about the works that are inspiring a new generation of Chilean readers and writers.

The FP Memo: Operation Comeback

Neoconservatives have the president's ear, but they also have lots of baggage. To stay relevant, they must admit mistakes, embrace public diplomacy, and start making the case for bombing Iran.

Arms Around the World

What would the global flow of weapons look like without Viktor Bout? Dozens of traffickers wait in the wings.

The Merchant of Death

Russian entrepreneur Viktor Bout has made millions as the world's most efficient postman, able to deliver any kind of cargo -- especially illicit weapons -- anywhere in the world. How was he able to build his intricate underground network? By exploiting cracks in the anarchy of globalization.

The Many Lefts of Latin America

Latin America's leftists are anything but united.

The Lost Continent

For decades, Latin America's weight in the world has been shrinking. It is not an economic powerhouse, a security threat, or a population bomb. Even its tragedies pale in comparison to Africa's. The region will not rise until it ends its search for magic formulas. It may not make for a good sound bite, but patience is Latin America's biggest deficit of all.

The Bomb in the Backyard

Osama bin Laden has not yet succeeded in launching a nuclear attack. But it isn't because he can't. With enriched uranium, a handful of military supplies available on the Internet, and a small team of terrorists, he could assemble a nuclear bomb in a matter of months. This is how it will happen.

Think Again: Israel vs. Hezbollah

The recent war revealed neither a vulnerable Jewish state nor a Lebanese militia carrying the hopes of the Arab world. In truth, Israel could never have delivered the decisive victory its citizens expected, and Hezbollah has been left weakened and resented. The conflict was bloodier than anyone anticipated, but it just might set the stage for a new order in the Middle East.

The FP Quiz

Think you know the world? Then test your global knowledge with 8 questions that are sure to surprise.

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