The Diaper Diaspora

Angelina Jolie made international adoptions fashionable. Madonna made them controversial. But celebrities are just the most public faces of a growing global trend. Today, some 45,000 children are adopted each year by foreign parents willing to pay big for a little one.

The YouTube Effect

How a technology for teenagers became a force for political and economic change.

Expert Sitings: Mark Lynas

Mark Lynas is a columnist for Britain's New Statesman magazine and the author of High Tide: The Truth About Our Climate Crisis. His blog can be found at marklynas.org.

Turning a New Page in South Africa

South Africans have always turned to literature to wrestle with their country's challenges, be it apartheid, violent crime, or the AIDS epidemic. FP recently asked Shaun de Waal, arts and literary critic for Johannesburg's Mail & Guardian newspaper, how a new generation of writers is channeling the past to confront the present.

The FP Memo: Running the U.N.

If Ban Ki-Moon is to promote peace around the world, he'll have to get tough at headquarters. He should start by sacking useless employees and shaming the shameful.

Was Fidel Good for Cuba?

Nearly 50 years after a small island nation embarked on one of history's most radical social experiments, it's time to measure the results. Does Fidel Castro's exit offer Cubans a long-awaited chance for freedom and prosperity, or merely mark the end of an era in which Cuba saw unprecedented success? One of Castro's harshest critics squares off with one of his foremost advocates.

How Globalization Went Bad

From terrorism to global warming, the evils of globalization are more dangerous than ever before. What went wrong? The world became dependent on a single superpower. Only by correcting this imbalance can the world become a safer place.

Industrial Revolution 2.0

In the corner offices of New York and Tokyo, business leaders cling to the notion that their designs, technologies, and brands are cutting edge. Increasingly, however, that just isn't so. In industries ranging from steel and cement to automobiles and electronics, "Third World companies" are poised to overtake their Western rivals. Get ready for the biggest firms you've never heard of to become household names.

Why Hawks Win

Why are hawks so influential? The answer may lie deep in the human mind. People have dozens of decision-making biases, and almost all favor conflict rather than concession. A look at why the tough guys win more than they should.

Money Talks

Is the global economy too hot, too cold, or just right? FP took its temperature by talking to one of Wall Street's most influential voices, Michael Klein, CEO of global banking at Citigroup and vice chairman of Citibank International.