Prime Numbers: Iraq’s Sticker Shock

FP delves into the true cost of the Iraq war.

Rogue Aid

What's wrong with the foreign aid programs of China, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia? They are enormously generous. And they are toxic.

What They’re Reading: Sweden’s North Country Fare

Sweden is famous for its liberal ideas, its efficient social model, and a standard of living that rivals any other. But a rich literary tradition? FP talked with Svante Weyler, former publishing director of one of Sweden’s oldest publishing houses, Norstedts, for his take on the books that enlighten and entertain the Swedes.

The FP Memo: How to Topple Kim Jong Il

A series of subtle, if not very sexy, policies could help the United States bring an end to North Korea's communist era.

Inside the Ivory Tower

Professors of international relations counsel the leaders of today and mold the policymakers of tomorrow. But what do they think about the most pressing foreign-policy issues facing the United States? In our second exclusive survey, FP steps inside the ivory tower.


Why the World Isn’t Flat

Globalization has bound people, countries, and markets closer than ever, rendering national borders relics of a bygone era -- or so we're told. But a close look at the data reveals a world that's just a fraction as integrated as the one we thought we knew. In fact, more than 90 percent of all phone calls, Web traffic, and investment is local. What’s more, even this small level of globalization could still slip away.

Who Wins in Iraq?

Newspaper headlines consistently remind us of the failures coming out of Iraq. The number of U.S. soldiers who have lost their lives continues to climb. The deaths of Iraqi civilians far exceed what almost anyone expected. And insurgent attacks are growing stronger and more deadly. But, if wars always produce losers, it is also true that most wars have a fair share of winners, too. So, we would like to ask, four years into the fighting, what institutions, countries, ideas, or individuals are better off because of the war? Who, in essence, are Iraq's winners? Plus, a special essay by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani.

Think Again: China

It's often said that China is walking a tightrope: Its economy depends on foreign money, its leadership is set in its ways, and its military expansion threatens the world. But the Middle Kingdom's immediate dangers run deeper than you realize.