Iraq’s 100-Year Mortgage

The price tag for caring for the Americans who fight this war could exceed what it costs to wage it.

The Coming Euroinvasion

First they came for the iPods. Then the Europeans snatched up condos in Manhattan. Now they're coming for the companies.

Expert Sitings: Isaac Mao

Isaac Mao is cofounder of the Social Brain Foundation and vice president of Shanghai-based United Capital Investment Group. He helped pioneer the practice of using overseas servers to host Chinese blogs and served as cofounder of CNBlog.org. His Web site is isaacmao.com.

What They’re Reading: Mexico’s Love of the Local

Think books are dead? Take a trip to Mexico City, where a market for fiction, self-help, and political works is thriving. FP recently spoke with Mexico-based publishing executive Cristóbal Pera to find out why.

The Plight of the Public Intellectual

Just what does it mean to be a leading intellectual? One of our honorees weighs in on the burdens and pleasures of making a living by ideas.

How (Not) to Spot a Terrorist

Catching al Qaeda's killers is about to become a whole lot harder. Why? Because their rank and file will soon look just like you and me.

The Incredible Shrinking Missile Threat

The United States is in the midst of one of the largest military buildups in history. And it is against a threat that is disappearing -- fast.

The Architecture of Autocracy

The skylines of unfree societies used to bring to mind images of endless gray Soviet apartment blocks. But today, some of the world's most innovative and daring designs are breaking ground in the least free nations. Why are the world's best architects taking their most ambitious plans to modern-day autocrats? Two words: Blank slates.

What Russia Wants

From Gorbachev to Yeltsin to Putin, every new Russian president has drastically altered his country's relationship with the world. How will President Dmitry Medvedev change it again? Here are the clues that reveal what the Kremlin is thinking, and, more importantly, what it really wants.

When China Met Africa

It seemed a perfect match: A growing country looking for markets and influence meets a continent with plenty of resources but few investors. Now that China has moved in, though, its African partners are beginning to resent their aggressive new patron. What happens when the world's most ambitious developing power meets the poverty, corruption, and fragility of Africa? China is just beginning to find out.

Think Again: Israel

Six decades after its founding, the Jewish state is neither as vulnerable as its supporters claim nor as callous and calculating as its critics imagine. But if it is to continue defying all expectations, Israel must first confront its own mythology.