The Hypocrisy Audit

Double standards have always been a part of U.S. foreign policy. It's time to figure out how many should no longer be tolerated.

Expert Sitings: Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder, a writer and illustrator living in Los Angeles, is the co-founder of BoingBoing.net, one the Internet's most popular blogs.

Jakarta’s Moral Majority

What happens to a society's literary culture when its politics turn conservative? Indonesian writer, filmmaker, and founder of the Khatulistiwa Literary Award Richard Oh explains.

How Economics Can Defeat Corruption

What's the dirtiest secret about corruption? Just how little we know about it. Treasuries are plundered and kickbacks are paid, but the nature and scale of the world's shady transactions remain a mystery. Luckily, a little economic detective work is all that's needed to expose the smuggling, cheating, and bribing that is hiding in plain sight.

The Path of Least Resistance

Billions are being spent on disease-fighting drugs in poor countries, but millions are still dying. Why? Because what doesn't kill a virus only makes it stronger.

Message in a Bottle

Packaging is the quickest route to success in the world of drug counterfeiting. If you can replicate a drug’s box or bottle, most consumers won’t notice what’s inside.

The Deadly World of Fake Drugs

Whether it's phony Viagra or knockoff cancer meds, fake drugs kill thousands of people each day, thanks to counterfeiters in China and India who mix chalk, dust, and dirty water into pills sold around the world. With the Internet becoming the world's dispensary, these poison pills could be coming to a pharmacy near you.

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The Secret History of Kim Jong Il

Few people have the chance to watch a shy young man grow into a ruthless dictator -- and live to talk about it. But, for one North Korean professor, Kim Jong Il is much more than the man holding his country hostage. He's a former student.

Think Again: Bush’s Legacy

He may be the most unpopular president in modern times: a reckless, unilateralist cowboy. But history will be kinder to George W. Bush than contemporary caricatures. After eight years, he leaves behind much more than a defeated dictator in Iraq. Closer ties to India, a pragmatic relationship with China, and the pressure he applied to Iran will pay dividends for years to come.

States of Failure

Pauline H. Baker of the Fund for Peace replies to Afghan Amb. Said T. Jawad and Doug Lieb of the American Jewish Committee's concerns about the Failed States Index 2008.

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