Prime Numbers: Sushinomics

FP examines the global economic impact of sushi.

The Long Legs of the Crash: 13 Unexpected Consequences of the Financial Crisis

Last year had more than its share of vertigo-inducing headlines: major banks suddenly disappearing, the Dow plunging day after day, and billion-dollar bailouts failing to make a dent in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

The Early Read: On Iran

With a contentious presidential election around the corner, a nuclear standoff looming, and a new U.S. diplomatic track to navigate, Iran is poised to dominate international headlines this spring. A slew of new tomes helps Western readers unlock the Persian puzzle.

El Comandante’s Last Charge

Bitter enemies though they are, Fidel Castro and Alvaro Uribe agree on one thing: Peace in Colombia will never happen without a decisive military victory.

China’s Team of Rivals

A financial meltdown in China promises to test the Communist Party's power in ways not seen since Tiananmen. But theirs is a house divided, as princelings take on populists and Pekinologists try to make sense of it all. Will this team built for economic success implode once the money dries up? An insider's guide to the leaders at China's controls.

Inside the Ivory Tower

Our third exclusive survey of international relations professors reveals they're worried about climate change, Russia's rise, and their own irrelevance. Plus: A ranking of the top schools for studying international relations.

State of War

Mexico's hillbilly drug smugglers have morphed into a raging insurgency. Violence claimed more lives there last year alone than all the Americans killed in the war in Iraq. And there's no end in sight.

Reversal of Fortune

Vladimir Putin's social contract has been premised on an authoritarian state delivering rising incomes and resurgent power. But the economic crisis is unraveling all that. And what comes next in Russia might be even worse.

The Most Dangerous Place in the World

Somalia is a state governed only by anarchy. A graveyard of foreign-policy failures, it has known just six months of peace in the past two decades. Now, as the country's endless chaos threatens to engulf an entire region, the world again simply watches it burn.

The Axis of Upheaval

Forget Iran, Iraq, and North Korea -- Bush's "Axis of Evil." As economic calamity meets political and social turmoil, the world's worst problems may come from countries like Somalia, Russia, and Mexico. And they're just the beginning.

Samuel Huntington, 1927-2008

A tribute to the provocative, brilliant, and intellectually fearless cofounder of Foreign Policy.

Think Again: Globalization

Forget the premature obituaries. To its critics, globalization is the cause of today's financial collapse, growing inequality, unfair trade, and insecurity. To its boosters, it's the solution to these problems. What's not debatable is that it is here to stay.

The Difference Is in the Details

According new research by a top economist at the World Bank, how we measure inequality is all wrong.

Attack of the Digg Clones

How the Internet's most powerful click factory went global.

A Melting Pot It’s Not

How the Internet is giving nationalism a boost.

Epiphanies: Shirin Ebadi

"Thirty years have passed and we have yet to arrive at freedom."

Answering the Call

How Colombian land-mine victims became call-center operators.

Who’s More Obama than Obama?

Politicians around the world would love a piece of Barack Obama's popularity. So, a few are campaigning on their proximity to the U.S. president -- both real and imagined.

Double Booked

The number of countries allowing dual citizenship is on the rise.

The Shoes Don’t Fit

Reader Mustafa S. Hassan says an FP illustration is offensive to Islam.