The American prohibition on thinking smart in the drug war.

The Early Read on: The Great Recession

As experts attempt to heal the fractured global market, a group of new books on the financial crisis is already offering the first draft of history.

In Other Words: Baltic Ghosts

Lithuania is investigating Jewish Holocaust survivors as war criminals -- and using their own memoirs as evidence against them.

In Other Words: Mob Rule

Italy is becoming the failed state of Western Europe, but do Italians even care that the mafia is running the show?

The Dictator’s Handbook

Why is democracy failing even as elections proliferate? A thought experiment sheds new light on why aging autocrats remain so hard to dislodge.

Confessions of a True Believer

The collapse of Soviet communism never relegated Marx's ideas to the dustbin of history.

Thoroughly Modern Marx

Lights. Camera. Action. Das Kapital. Now.

Letters: The End of Evil?

Former National Security Council staffer Peter Feaver argues that Niall Ferguson's "axis of upheaval" won't replace the old "axis of evil" any time soon.

Letters: Mexico’s State of Affairs

Arturo Surakhan, Mexico's ambassador to the United States, thinks Sam Quinones's dire assessment of Mexico is dangerously misleading.

Letters: Flat World Hits a Bump

Economic historian Harold James says Moisés Naím is too optimistic about the future of globalization, while Karl Moore and David Lewis argue that global trade is nothing new.

Letters: China’s Team Players

Winberg Chai feels that Chinese Communist Party politics are not quite as simple as Cheng Li would have us believe.

Caught in the Middle

For three decades, David Ignatius has talked to all camps in the fractious Middle East. Then came Davos, and an effort to "moderate" a conversation between irreconcilable sides on the Gaza war. The center not only cannot hold, he concludes -- it no longer exists.

The Ottoman Revival

Turkish nationalism goes back to the future.


The FP Quiz

Are you a globalization junkie? Test your knowledge of global trends, economics, and politics with 8 questions about how the world works.

The Fatalist

The man reshaping how U.S. intelligence views the future.

The Ties That Don’t Bind

In tough times, how many friends do you really have?

The Longest Shadow

Those regions in Africa hardest hit by the slave trade exhibit the least trust among family members and neighbors today.

The New Coups

Violent government takeovers now happen far less frequently -- and their strongmen fall much faster.

Epiphanies: Amartya Sen

The Nobel Prize-winning economist reflects on misguided policies, social disasters -- and whether he had it too easy.