Recipe for Failure

Why Copenhagen will be a bust, and other prophecies from the foreign-policy world's leading predictioneer.


Revolution in a Box

It's not Twitter or Facebook that's reinventing the planet. Eighty years after the first commercial broadcast crackled to life, television still rules our world. And let's hear it for the growing legions of couch potatoes: All those soap operas might be the ticket to a better future after all.

What a Pest

Why the Black Death still won't die.


The World’s Most Popular TV Shows

After surveying 66 countries with 1.6 billion viewers between them—from Australia to Japan, Latvia to Venezuela—Eurodata TV Worldwide named the winners for the world's most-watched shows of 2008. What does the world love to watch?

Jewel in the Palace: MBC AMERICA

What They’re Watching

Soaps, soaps, and more soaps. But not all of the dramas are created equal. In Colombia, viewers enjoy a hard-bitten saga of gang violence; in Iran, they're tuning into tales of Jewish rescue during World War II.


No Will, No Way

Bueno de Mesquita's model projects a decline in global willingness to regulate greenhouse gases over the next 100 years and beyond.


“See You Soon, If We’re Still Alive”

The only two Westerners living on their own in Kandahar have been bombed, ambushed, and nearly sold to kidnappers. Here's what they've learned about the country where war just won't end. 


Think Again: God

As causalities from the world's religious wars mount, God is getting a bad reputation. But the war against God has had its casualties as well. Here's why we need a truce -- and why secularism is almost as much of a threat to the world as fundamentalism.

The FP Quiz

Are you a globalization junkie? Then test your knowledge of global trends, economics, and politics with 8 questions about how the world works.

Beating the Curse

Kathryn McPhail and Francisco Paris argue that there’s a way out of the “oil curse” described by Moises Naim.

Illustration by Sean McCabe for FP

The Hermit Kingdom

An unchanging, irrational Stalinist dictatorship? Not so much.

Is Oil a Blessing?

Energy analyst Michael Lynch wonders why Peter Maass’s examination of oil and society focuses on the negative.


Take Me Back to Constantinople

How Byzantium, not Rome, can help preserve Pax Americana.

Supply and Debate

Peak oil advocates Matthew Simmons and Kjell Aleklett say Daniel Yergin has the future of energy all wrong.

New Order

How "the multipolar world" came to be.

Realism, Really?

Steven Clemons and Stephen Walt sound off on Paul Wolfowitz’s critique of realism and Obama’s foreign policy.

Shadowy Finance

Schemers didn't lose in the economic crisis. They won all over again. And here's why.