FP's guide to the coming urban age.


Asia Rising

The world's new top ten cities.



Five places saying "yes, in my backyard" to the nasty stuff that no one else wants.

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Strange Brew

Does the Tea Party have a foreign policy?


Awesome Aughties

The decade through rose-colored glasses.

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Best. Decade. Ever.

The first 10 years of the 21st century were humanity's finest -- even for the world's bottom billion.


Soft Rock Power

Has American cultural dominance met its Waterloo?

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The Truth Is Out There (In a Library)

Forget WikiLeaks or Google. The state secrets that matter are waiting to be found in dusty file cabinets.


Blood or Treasure?

For a president, the real cost of war is dollars, not deaths.


Epiphanies from George Papandreou

The scion of a socialist political dynasty, son of one prime minister and grandson of another, George Papandreou has also inherited the unwelcome task of bringing Greece's sinking economy back from the depths of the Aegean. Here, he explains how Greeks are more stoic than you think, that Europe isn't the problem -- and why markets are not gods.

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Strategic Dialogue

It's a long journey from U.S. enemy to ally, but for the last half-century, there has been one sure-fire sign that things are moving in the right direction: holding a "strategic dialogue" in Washington. Think of it as the foreign-policy equivalent of a meeting of mafia dons: There's no love lost, but there's mutual advantage to be won from breaking bread together. These days, though, everyone wants a strategic dialogue -- from close friends to wary adversaries -- and increasingly, they're looking to Beijing.

Who’s Misreading Tehran?

Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett take issue with FP's "Misreading Tehran" package.

America’s Triumph Over the Zombie Horde

According to Daniel Nixon, the zombie wars will make the United States more powerful than ever.

Reagan Was Right

Richard Perle challenges Peter Beinart's representation of Reagan's foreign policy.

Not Your Father’s Francafrique

Yves Gounin defends France's Africa policy.


The World’s Iacoccas

The celebrity business bio is no longer a U.S. phenomenon. 

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Bed, Bath & Bribes

IKEA's struggle to do business in Putin's Russia.