Welcome November 2010

A graying world, lifelines for the president, and getting inside Talibanistan.


Gaming the Electric Car Chase

As the four front-runners sprint around the track, some favorites could end up in the dust.

The Internet Jihad

Zach Chesser's how-to guide.

Think Again: Global Aging

A gray tsunami is sweeping the planet -- and not just in the places you expect. How did the world get so old, so fast?


A Plan B for Obama

A stagnant economy. Declining American influence. Dictators on the march abroad. And a more Republican Congress coming soon. Barack Obama is in big trouble. But it's never too late. Foreign Policy has a plan, 14 in fact, for how the president can find his mojo again.

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Avoid the Double Dip

How Obama can save the fragile economy from going back into a tailspin.

The Tyranny of Metaphor

Three historical myths have been leading American presidents into folly for nearly a century. Is Obama wise enough to avoid the same fate?


The Sources of Soviet Iranian Conduct

How George Kennan is still the best guide to today's villain inside a victim behind a veil.

Watching the Watchers

Al Qaeda's bold new strategy is all about using our own words and actions against us. And it's working.

Inside Talibanistan

From the Haqqani network to the Afghan Taliban, a look at a splintered enemy. 

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The Great Battery Race

A 19th-century technology could determine which nation triumphs in the 21st. Steve LeVine reports from the global competition to replace the combustion engine.


The Russian Masterpiece You’ve Never Heard of

Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate has more to say about human freedom than any other Russian novel of the century. That's probably why it was locked up for so long.


Books Behind Bars

Countries worldwide have often sought to ban books they find politically inconvenient, religiously awkward, or just plain embarrassing. But for writers like Russia’s Vasily Grossman, who pleaded with the Soviet censors in 1961, "I am physically free, but the book to which I have dedicated my life is in jail," a book's ban means far more than just a dip in sales. Here are some books behind bars today.



From Beijing to Brighton, billions of people now can't imagine life without supermarkets. But what forces push us, as we push our carts? 

Opening Gambit: Moore’s Flaw

Why the tech industry's unbridled optimism won't save the world.

What Shape Is Your Recession?

The alphabet soup of economic misery.

Lie of the Tiger

How the United States really tamed the Japanese economy -- and why China's a much meaner cat.

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Epiphanies from Paul Volcker

The legendary central banker speaks with FP about family values, what went wrong with big finance, and why baseball is to blame.


Unemployment: Just How Bad Is It?

For American job seekers, it's the autumn of their discontent. Unfortunately, they have some worldwide company. Here's FP's guided tour of the grim numbers.

Fat Race

Last year's jeans won't fit? Blame the free market.