David Degner

The Things They Carried: The Tahrir Square Irregular

Hazem Marghany, a 25-year-old architect, spent 18 days in Cairo's Tahrir Square during the revolution and has come back every Friday since. Here's what he packs in his black Adidas laptop bag.


Democracy Unleashed

With a flurry of elections hitting Africa this year, here are four countries where things could get lively -- maybe too lively.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Gennady Burbulis is visible in profile at far right of photo.


For the first time, Boris Yeltsin's right-hand man tells the inside story of the coup that killed glasnost -- and changed the world.

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The Long, Lame Afterlife of Mikhail Gorbachev

A cautionary tale about what happens when you fail to see the revolution coming.


Dark Crystal

Why didn't anyone predict the Arab revolutions?


Think Again: Failed States

On 9/11, the West woke up to the threat posed by failed states. But did we actually understand it?


The Brutal Truth

Failed states are mainly a threat to their own inhabitants. We should help them anyway.


The Far Side of the Soviet Moon

Ten of Russia's most disturbing unsolved mysteries.

Sean McCabe

Don’t Go There

Chasing the dying memories of Soviet trauma.

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The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

Life in the vanguard of the new Twitter proletariat.

A Guide to the Foreign-Policy Twitterati

Missing out on the Twitter Revolution? Here's a cheat sheet to get you started.

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Divide and Conquer

For Barack Obama, maybe getting nothing passed in Congress isn't so bad after all.


Chug for Growth

Drink and be merry -- it's all for the common good.


Track II Diplomacy: A Short History

How the left-field idea of diplomacy without diplomats became an essential tool of statecraft.

Fortress India

Why is Delhi building a new Berlin Wall to keep out its Bangladeshi neighbors?