Head of State

Hillary Clinton, the blind dissident, and the art of diplomacy in the Twitter era.

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Old-Fashioned Diplomacy in theTwitter Age

An exclusive interview with the secretary of state.


Mad Libs: The Geopolitics of Energy

What does the U.S. oil and gas boom mean for international energy markets and climate change initiatives? We asked top experts, and here's what they told us.

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How Is Energy Remaking the World?

To navigate the complicated new politics of oil and gas, FP asked the author of The Quest and leading U.S. energy historian to help shape our latest survey -- and guide us through the results.


Think Again: The AmericanEnergy Boom

Yes, oil and gas made in the USA is surging. But does that really liberate us from the Middle East?


Are All States Failing States?

Every unstable country is unstable in its own way.

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What’s Wrong with Pakistan?

Why geography -- unfortunately -- is destiny for South Asia's troubled heartland.


The Watch List

Predicting state failure isn't as hard as you think.


Was the Arab Spring Worth It?

The people of the Middle East have paid a steep price to overthrow their dictators.

10 Reasons Countries Fall Apart

States don't fail overnight. The seeds of of their destruction are sown deep within their political institutions.


The Worst of the Worst

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, see which countries fared worst across 12 indicators.

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Requiem for a Russian Spy

A CIA veteran remembers his Soviet counterpart.

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Wealth of Nations

It's time to stop calling countries like Brazil and China "developing." They're just rich.

Joe Ciardiello

Epiphanies from C. Fred Bergsten

The veteran economist and Washington power-player on China, currency wars, and working with Henry Kissinger.


The Science of Ballot-Box Stuffing

What's the best way to detect electoral fraud? You may want to follow the numbers.


Please, Don’t Send Food

A new study suggests that food aid could actually prolong conflict rather than resolve it.


Political Fat Cats, Global Edition

The United States doesn't have a monopoly on money in politics.

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‘American Exceptionalism’: A Short History

How did a phrase initially used dismissively by Joseph Stalin become shorthand for who loves America more?

Ward Sutton

Red Moon Rising

Could China's lunar ambitions scramble politics here on Earth?