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The November Surprise

Forget October bombshells. The real surprise in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign will come when disaffected voters shun the polls.

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Con Air

What in-flight magazines don't want you to know about the world.

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Leftist Planet

Why do so many travel guides make excuses for dictators?


Mr. Happy

Wang Yang is the great hope of China's urban intelligentsia. Is he about to make the big time?


‘Twitter Is My City’: An Exclusive Interview with Ai Weiwei

Beijing's best-known dissident, architect, and creative provocateur tells Jonathan Landreth what's wrong with China's frenetic capital.

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Beijing Forever

In China's pulsing capital, change is the only constant.


The Rise and Fall and Rise of New Shanghai

Is history repeating itself in China's glittering global city?


Cities of the Future: Made in China

From traffic-jumping buses to electric taxis, China is at the forefront of the world's flashiest urban innovations.

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Weapons of Mass Urban Destruction

China's cities are making the same mistake America made on the path to superpower status.

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Introducing … The Most Dynamic Cities of 2025

An exclusive look at the 75 powerhouses of the urban revolution.

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The Point Guard

Susan Rice calls the plays for Barack Obama at the United Nations. Could she lead his foreign-policy team next? Should she?

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Who Broke the U.N.?

Long a target for "reform," the United Nations has taken heat for a bloated bureaucracy and gridlocked Security Council. FP surveyed top experts about what role it should play in today's ever-more-tangled global conflicts, with Madeleine Albright guiding us through the results.

Think Again: Obama’s New Deal

The president's Republican critics are dead wrong. The stimulus worked.

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How do you heal an entire country suffering from shell shock?

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Targeted Killings: A Short History

How America came to embrace assassination.

Jonathan Ernst

The Generals’ General

What Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno takes with him to the war zone.


In Praise of Slums

Why millions of people choose to live in urban squalor.

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Tomorrow, We Save

Language offers a clue to countries' economic behavior.

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The Renminbi Blues

Why economic growth hasn't made the Chinese any happier.

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Epiphanies from Salman Rushdie

The Midnight's Children author reflects on life under fatwa, the Arab Spring, and his one-night stand with Twitter.