Minister No

Sergei Lavrov and the blunt logic of Russian power.

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The Driver

An exclusive look inside the mysterious death and life of the world's most dangerous terrorist not named Osama bin Laden.

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Xi’s War Drums

China's new leader is using the military to consolidate his power. But has he unleashed forces beyond his control?

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Soft (Drink) Power

The head of the world's most global beverage company on climate change, power in the post-crisis era, and how Coke's secret formula stays safe from hackers.

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The End of the Gandhis

Can Rahul Gandhi run India? Can anybody?


The FP Power Map

The 500 most powerful people on the planet.

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The Balance of Power

Why sexism is civilization's greatest shame.


Think Again: European Decline

Sure, it may seem as if Europe is down and out. But things are far, far better than they look.


In Defense of Leading from Behind

So what if it's a terrible slogan? It's still the right strategy.


11 BuzzFeed Lists That Explain the World

The viral Internet isn't just for stupid pet tricks anymore.

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Give Sam Walton the Nobel Prize

Why Walmart may have done more for the poor than any business in American history.


The Case for Breaking Up Walmart

Sorry, Charles Kenny, but Walmart is hardly an ally of the world's poor.

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Hacktivism: A Short History

How self-absorbed computer nerds became a powerful force for freedom. 

Illustration by Joe Ciardiello for FP

Epiphanies from Chris Anderson

The entrepreneur and technology theorist weighs in on drones, surveillance, and what's coming next.

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Into Africa

Believe the hype. Africa's rise is real.


The Doctor Without Borders

What MSF founder Jacques Bérès takes with him to the field.

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The Singularity of Fools

A special report from the utopian future.

Cities on a Hill

Today's most intriguing utopias.