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Can Silicon Valley Save the World?

Defeating global poverty is the latest start-up trend. But is there really an app for that?

Dai Kurokawa/EPA

The Invisible State

It's time we admit the Democratic Republic of Congo does not exist.

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‘You Can’t Eat Sharia’

Egypt is on the brink -- not of something better than the old Mubarak dictatorship, but of something even worse.

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Europe’s Basket Case

Has Greece's dysfunction reached the point of permanent crisis?


‘There’s No Such Thing as a Failed State’

The father of emerging markets says we shouldn't give up on the world's Somalias and Zimbabwes.

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Does It Take a Village?

Jeffrey Sachs dazzled the development world with his plan to end poverty. But now critics say there's no way to prove whether it works.


Mad Libs: Africa Rising?

FP asked more than 60 experts to fill in the blanks on the state of politics in Africa and whether its much-touted economic rise is for real.


Think Again: Working Women

Why American women are better off than the lean-inners and have-it-allers realize.

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Leaning Away

Maybe the real failed states are the ones that have the means to help other nations -- but choose to retreat inward.

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Oh, Canada

How America's friendly northern neighbor became a rogue, reckless petrostate.

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Gamification: A Short History

Why everybody, from corporate titans to terrorists, wants to make life more like a game.

Illustration by Joe Ciardiello for FP

Epiphanies from Frank Gehry

The starchitect on his first project in the Arab world -- and why it's hard these days to find a benevolent dictator with taste.


The North Korean Defector

What Kim Hyuk has carried with him on his harrowing journey from the streets to the speaking circuit.

China Photos/Getty Images

In Search of Mickey Li’s

Why doesn't China have its own fast-food mega-chain?

Fast-Food Nations

Six regional chains that are learning to compete with U.S. fast-food giants.


The Great App Firewall

Five iPhone programs you can't use in China.

Photograph by Renée Comet

The Cookbook Theory of Economics

Why Chinese and Mexican dominate the market.

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