2012 Election Column

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12 Catastrophes the Next President Must Avoid

We've heard plenty about what the candidates want to do in office, but the future will be determined by what Tuesday's winner doesn't do.

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Why Bloomberg Endorsed Obama

Yes, it really is climate change, stupid.


Red Herring

The myth of the Republican military voter.


No, Obama Did Not Abandon Poland

How the administration has tightened relations with Warsaw.

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The Long Third War

No matter who wins in November, America should get ready for 10 more years of drones.

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The Amphibian

How Barack Obama learned to cover his right flank -- and his left.

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Jerks vs. Waterboarders

The best reason to pick Obama over Romney.


Slippery Mitt Evades KO

Will Romney's rope-a-dope strategy on foreign policy actually work?

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Want Closure? Go Talk to Dr. Phil.

You won't find it on the Iranian nuclear issue.

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How the Russian ‘Reset’ Explains Obama’s Foreign Policy

The president's naivete about Vladimir Putin is the root cause of his failure.

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The Biden Doctrine

How the vice president is shaping President Obama's foreign policy.

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Enough Already

When it comes to Israel, neither Obama nor Romney is as good or bad as American Jews think.