2012 Election Top Story


Five Voting Systems Even Worse than the Electoral College

Think the United States has a crazy way to pick a president? You should see how Lebanon does it. 

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In Praise of Flip-Floppers

When it comes to presidents and foreign policy, changing your mind is as American as apple pie.

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Whatever Happened to Chinese Human Rights?

On the American campaign trail this year, China's people went missing.


Clicking This Will Make You Stupider

The 10 worst foreign policy campaign ads of 2012.

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In Praise of Apathy

It's time to stop deriding the Americans who refuse to vote. They're trying to tell us something.


Silent Treatment

The biggest global issues that weren't discussed at the debates.

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How Foreign Policy Came to Matter in This Election

The race was supposed to be all about jobs, jobs, jobs. What happened?

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The Case for Intervention…

In Obama's dysfunctional foreign-policy team.

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What the Frack?!

How the 2012 election could come down to one thing: coal.


Vital Animal Spirits

Biden and Ryan skip policy to show off their muscles.

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A Truly Credible Military Threat to Iran

The Israelis and the Americans are zeroing in on a strike option that has a real chance of deterring the mullahs -- and defusing Mitt Romney's attacks.

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Better Late than Never

How naive self-confidence led Barack Obama astray, before prudence brought him back.

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Forget ‘Better Off’

Are you safer than you were four years ago?


Coming to Grips with Impotence

Can we really expect the president to be able to fix the Middle East?