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The Path of Least Resistance

Why India's biggest problem 
isn't Narendra Modi.

Illustration by Matt Chase

Therapy for the Self-Hating Superpower

Snap out of it, America. You're good enough, smart enough -- who cares if people don't like you?


Have We Hit Peak America?

The sources of U.S. power and the path to national renaissance.

Photos by Christopher Leaman

The Bleeding Edge

For decades, Minnesota has 
led the world in developing medical technology. But now red tape 
at home and competition abroad 
are threatening its dominance.

Illustration by John Pobojewski / Thirst

Back to Basics

Looking for an alternative to dysfunction in Washington? Maybe it's time to turn to Berlin.

Photo by Wikimedia

Did Hitler Bring Home the Bacon?

Why even the Fuhrer was a proponent of pork barrel spending.

Illustration by Pete Ryan for FP

We Don’t Need No Education

Thought control in the classroom is real -- and it works.

Illustration by Robert Ball for FP

Epiphanies from Jack Matlock

Former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union Jack Matlock on the flawed “reset” with Russia, Washington’s cliques, and how the Ukraine crisis is a product of NATO expansion.


Third Gender: A Short History

From ancient Greece to modern Pakistan, the political and cultural emergence of a complex, controversial term.

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