A man gestures as he shows the roof of a kindergarten which suffered of bombing attacks on July 18 in the village of Aygepar, recently damaged by shelling during armed clashes on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

Armenia and Azerbaijan Are at War Again—and Not in Nagorno-Karabakh

Powered by Israeli weapons, Azerbaijan is facing off against Armenia far from the long-disputed enclave, placing civilians—and possibly the Aliyev regime—at risk.

A woman gestures as Armenian special police forces block a street during an opposition rally in central Yerevan on April 16, 2018.

Women Can Bring Peace to Nagorno-Karabakh

They helped propel Armenia’s Velvet Revolution. Now, they’re turning their attention to diplomacy with Azerbaijan.

A police officer guards the area near Dawatagaha Jumma Masjid ahead of Friday prayers in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on April 26.

The World This Weekend

Sri Lanka deals with the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks.

Visitors stand together at Tsitsernakaberd, the Armenian genocide memorial complex, in Yerevan, Armenia, on Nov. 16, 2018.

Israel’s Refusal to Recognize the Armenian Genocide Is Indefensible

Both Armenians and Jews have been the victims of premeditated mass murder. The Israeli government must put justice before political expediency and call the crime by its name.

The Danske Bank building in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Danske Bank Scandal Is the Tip of the Iceberg

Financial institutions and the governments that regulate them aren’t doing nearly enough to prevent money laundering.  

Teenagers from a boxing school take part in a training session in the Caspian Sea near Soviet oil rigs in the Azerbaijani capital Baku on June 27, 2015. (KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)

Why the West Needs Azerbaijan

There is only one way for vital Asian oil and gas resources to reach Europe without passing through Russia and Iran: through the narrow “Ganja Gap.”

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Washington Publication Runs Piece That Toes Line for Azerbaijan’s Power Couple

The Washington Times opinion piece sings Azerbaijan’s first lady/vice president’s praises.


Trump Hotel in Baku Partnered With ‘Notoriously Corrupt’ Oligarch Family With Ties to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

The latest conflict of interest headache for the president is a sketchy and failed hotel in Azerbaijan that’s got lawmakers worried.


The Case for Outcast Media

In authoritarian states, foreign-based media can be the best source of reliable information — as one exiled Azerbaijan news outlet proves.

Khadija crop

The World’s Most Famous Dissident Journalist Returns to the Fight

Azerbaijan’s authoritarian rulers defamed, threatened, and jailed their country’s most stubborn journalist. But Khadija Ismayilova doesn’t know when to quit.

After hosting the Eurovision in 2012 and the European Games in 2015 Baku acts as a picture postcard of the country's newfound prosperity, but also of its contrasts. The country is home to known energy reserves of around a billion barrels of oil and 1.3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. But if until now Azerbaijan did not have to worry much about paying the bills ? they do now. The slump in global oil prices has put a crimp in the country?s budget. 
A patient feet in a crude oil bath treatment. Patients comes here to receive crude oil treatment here among other medical treatment. Naftalan, Azerbaijan

Aperture: Exit the King

Oil has been a boon in Azerbaijan’s economic growth. But will black gold also cause the country's demise?

GettyImages-478872610 crop

Freeze the Dictator Out

Azerbaijan’s authoritarian president is in Washington this week, plainly hoping for some love — or at least attention — from President Obama. He must not get it.

People attend a mass of the Assembly of God church, in Goiania, Goias State, Brazil, on May 19, 2013. The election of evangelical minister Marco Feliciano as president of the House of Deputies' commission of human rights and minorities, is seen as a sign of the growing influence of evangelicals in Congress, where they have 67 deputies ot of a total 513, and in Brazilian politics in general. Evangelicals count 565 million adherents and represent more than one-fourth of the world's Christians, according to French researcher Sebastien Fath.   AFP PHOTO / Evaristo SA        (Photo credit should read EVARISTO SA/AFP/Getty Images)

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GettyImages-461879612 cropped

How Azerbaijan and Its Lobbyists Spin Congress

The Aliyev regime is selling itself in Washington as friendly and progressive. Is your Congressman buying it?

175637075 cropped

The Two Faces of Azerbaijan’s Government

Azerbaijan's leaders like to pretend that they’re friends of the West. Time for a reality check.

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