By Other Means

U.S. Navy Photo by Mass Communications Specialist 2nd Class Joshua J. Wahl

Fighting Words

Has the nature of "war" changed since the days of Clausewitz?

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Incarceration Nation

What if America's incarcerated population really was a nation?


Never Waver

Now is the time for Obama to beat back the congressional hawks taking aim at the Iran deal.


Smother ‘Em With Love

Why it’s time for the United States to cuddle up with Iran.

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Privacy Is a Red Herring

The debate over NSA surveillance is about something else entirely.


Public Citizen

If our kids don't all have tracking chips, the terrorists win.


And the Moral of the Tweet Is…

How @NatSecWonk shows that D.C. is a wonderful, terrible place.


Consider the Duck-Rabbit

How this Wittgenstein sketch explains the Somalia SEAL raid.


The Failure of Impasse

From Vietnam to Syria, the appalling history of U.S. efforts to end wars by creating stalemate.

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Blood on the Constitution

America will never solve its gun problem until it gets over its fetish for the Founding Fathers.

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Wishful Thinking

Frustrated with Obama's Syria speech? Here are two better ones he could have given.

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Obama Can’t Win

Even if Congress approves the Syria adventure, the president still loses.

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Wounded Giant

The only thing America is good at these days is breaking things.

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A Model of American Opacity

How Obama's drone war echoes Egypt's military crackdown.

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Women Are from Mars Too

Why more female leaders won't mean less war.

Staff Sgt. Aaron Porch/DVIDS

Uncle Sam Wants Who?

The real reasons people join the military.

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The Case for American Propaganda

Complain all you want. But Uncle Sam produces better journalism than most of you yahoos.