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Trump’s New Trade Guru May Actually Be the Adult in the Room

Robert Lighthizer, a former Reagan trade official, may have the legal chops to win concessions from China without sparking a trade war.


Trump Taps Protectionist Robert Lighthizer as His New Trade Rep

Just who will make trade policy under Trump may be unclear, but the protectionist trend is crystal clear.


Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder for Obama’s Asian Trade Pact

Opponents and proponents of TPP will find data they like in a U.S. report on the deal.


Silicon Valley Squares Off With White House Over Arms Control Pact

The Wassenaar Arrangement aims to reduce the supply of spy software for authoritarian states.


Watch Live as FP Honors Secretary of State John Kerry at Annual Diplomat of the Year Awards

Foreign Policy will be naming U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry as its Diplomat of the Year.


U.S. To Lift More Commercial and Travel Restrictions Against Cuba

The United States announced it would continue to ease economic penalties against Cuba and loosens travel restrictions to the island.

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