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How Romanian People Power Took On Mining and Corruption

The controversial mining project seemed like a done deal — but the Romanian people weren't going down without a fight.

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How Kenya Cleaned Up Its Courts

A new constitution gave judicial reformers an opportunity to earn back the people’s trust. Here’s what they did with it.

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Dethroning Ukraine’s Oligarchs: A How-To Guide

None of the country’s reforms can succeed while the oligarchs still rule. Here’s how to take them out.

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The World’s Biggest Work in Progress

Why Ukraine’s effort to curb corruption is a Sisyphean task. A situation report.

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The Spirit of Lviv

How Ukraine’s most European city forged a popular movement against corruption and bad governance.

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Cleaning Up La Paz

How Bolivia’s biggest city freed itself from a ubiquitous culture of corruption.

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Judges on the Take

How the FBI took on Chicago’s crooked courts.

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How Georgia Stamped Out Corruption on Campus

First they fired the Education Ministry. Then came the hard part.

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Brazil and the Bloodsuckers

Congratulations, corrupt mayor! Your number’s up, and the auditors are on their way.

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The Little Anti-Corruption Agency That Could

After humble beginnings in empty offices, Croatia’s anti-corruption body became a crusading national force.

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The Gecko’s Bite

Indonesia’s anti-corruption commission has made great strides in combating graft. But now it risks becoming a victim of its own success.

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Integrity Gets Great Ratings

How Nepalis harnessed the power of reality TV to strike a blow against corruption.

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Calling In Against Corruption

A Pakistani official set out to prevent bureaucrats from demanding bribes for providing basic public services. The solution: citizen feedback through mobile phones.

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The Data Sleuths of San José

How three scrappy Costa Rican reporters used the power of data to bring down a system of sleaze.

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